Water Based Pigment Print

Being the leading names in the industry we are involved in offering Pigment Printing Service to our clients. These services are reckoned amongst the clients for their availability in various designs and prints. These services are highly appreciated among our clients due to their reliable nature and competitive prices. Additionally, we execute our services in a time bound manner


Water Based Non PVC Print

We are offering the best range of best quality collection of Non PVC T-Shirt Printing Service which we offer. The timely execution of these Non PVC Printing services is highly appreciated by clients. Our printings are highly admired by our clients for their quality and easy availability. Furthermore, these printings are available in various sizes and prints. Clients can avail from us at very economical prices.

Discharge Print

 We offer fabrics with discharge prints, with light color, printed on dark colored fabrics. The contrasting colors add vibrancy and color to the fabric and are much in demand with our various clients Giving very soft hand feel & colour fastners towards world class standard & world class ECO System.

Glitter Print

Glitter describes an assortment of very small, flat, and reflective particles. When these particles are applied to surfaces, they each reflect light in different angles causing the surface to sparkle or glitter. Glitter is similar to, but smaller than confetti or sequins.

Foil Print

Colored foil printing is a kind of foil printing which uses single, double or rainbow colours on a fabric. This is done to achieve a cool and remarkably pretty print on a fabric. Colored foil printing can also produce holographic patterns on the fabric making it more appealing and attractive. The clients are free.

Caviar Beads


Caviar bead printing, the process of printing a clear plastisol that serves as an adhesive directly upon a garment or underbase and sprinkling soft, tiny plastic beads (caviar beads) onto the adhesive, is one of the hottest decorating techniques to hit the textile screen printing industry.  Caviar beads come in many shapes and sizes to produce many different effects.  Printers all over the world are finding this technique garners higher profit margins while only requiring slightly more effort than other special effects printing.  This paper will define the techniques needed so any printer can learn to successfully do Caviar Bead Printing.

Shining Glossy Print

super shining effect, special for top coverage, suitable for garment


Puff Print

We are engaged in T-shirt Printing which are offered on the basis of type of design, printing colour and the print format. These are specified by our clients and our experts undertake the printing activity accordingly. These Puff Transfer Stickers are done by our expert team whose work are famous in various industries.

High Density Printing

To furnish the diverse requirements of our clients we are involved in offering High Density Textile Printing Service. We are empowered with a team of highly skilled professionals who carried our printing services in an efficient way to render maximum client satisfaction. Offered services are highly reckoned among our clients due to our reliability and affordability.

CMYK Process Printing

A lot of designers think CMYK-offset printing is the only way to go when designing for print. We use CMYK-based ink for printing in tshirts.

Simulated Process Printing

Simulated process printing is one popular technique for getting images and designs on specific areas of clothing, such as t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, hats, aprons, and more. This simulated process screen printing puts emphasis on the use of halftones of ink colors to capture the colors of the original design. The sim process, as it is sometimes called, can be done with both lighter and darker shades of clothing

Photochromic Print

Photochromic coatings change from clear to color when exposed. Specifically, they change color in response to ultraviolet (UV) light, usually from the sun or a black light. Photochromic behavior can be either reversible or irreversible. Reversible photochromics transform from clear to color by changing their chemical structure after absorbing UV light. The UV light causes the photochromic ink to absorb color (like a dye), and then change back to clear when the UV source is removed. They can cycle thousands of times depending upon the application. They can also change from one color to a different color by combination with a permanent pigment

Thermochromic Tshirt Print

Thermochromic coatings change color in response to temperature fluctuations. There are two primary types of thermochromic coatings: liquid crystals and leuco dyes


Glow in the Dark ink creates a glowing effect in the dark when charged by light.Special chemicals called phosphors are mixed into the ink causing it to absorb energy and re-emit it as visible light. They are best when used on white or light-colored fabrics.

Metallic Print

Metallic inks are used to simulate a metal appearance. Metallic inks are similar to foil but without the reflective sheen.

Phalate Free Printing

PhFree Plastisol is the standard ink type used in textile printing. It is a PVC resin based ink medium that can be pigmented and is not effected by the environment and must be heat set to fully cure. Plastisol can print very fine 1/2 tone line counts and line weights. This ink provides the best color reproduction on light and dark materials. It provides best fiber lock down and color fastness. Melmarc uses a Phthalate free plastisol that exceeds CPSIA Standards.

Pulling crack

Crack and Distress Printing is a screen printing technology. It is a popular embellishment for graphic t-shirts. Crack and distress printing can be used on cotton spandex and polyester fabric. Its drying temperature is between 100 and 120 Celsius. It can be washed lightly in cold water.


Self Crack Printing

Self Crack has been developed to re-create the effect of old varnish that cracks and crazes over time to produce a “cracked/aged” appearance. Self Crack consists of the following products 

Self Crack Underbase –- ready-made underbase, Self Crack –- ready-made self crack top coat.

 Depending on deposit of ink cracks / crackle can be made larger or smaller.